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Order the dream rings as samples for test wearing.

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You ask questions - we answer.

When ordering online, you can find your wedding (m)rings/dream piece of jewellery in two ways: Either you choose your rings directly in the online catalogue or you design your very own rings/your personal piece of jewellery in our configurator.

Please click on the desired piece of jewellery -> click "continue to configurator" -> here you can change your piece of jewellery individually and design it according to your wishes.

Click on "Order online" to place a binding order. After the order has been checked by our staff, you will receive an order confirmation. After all open questions have been clarified and with the announcement or confirmation of the ring sizes, you will receive a request for a deposit of 50% of the invoice amount. After your production approval and receipt of payment, we will forward the order to the production department.

We will be happy to answer any questions by e-mail or telephone. If you wish, the further sale can also be handled by telephone.

Or you can click on "Request a quote". You will then receive your personal access data by e-mail and can access our customer platform. You can change the rings saved in the offer at any time and will always be shown the current price. The price is only fixed when an order is created.

You can view your order/offer and call up the current status of your order via our customer platform. You will also find all correspondence in your customer platform. We ask you to compose all messages directly via the platform.
Regardless of whether your ring size is known or not, we always advise using our ring sizing service.

A ring feels different depending on its width and shape. Only after trying on a ring size sample (corresponding to the selected rings) can you be sure that the ring size fits perfectly. In order for us to be able to send you a selection of our ring size samples, we need a ring size indication, which you can determine yourself as follows:

  • by measuring an existing ring (inner diameter) using a ruler
  • with an approx. 5mm wide strip of paper tightly around the finger (mark the intersection and thus measure the circumference).
If you know a different ring measurement, e.g. diameter or American ring width, you are also welcome to let us know.

The ring size service is free of charge except for return postage within Switzerland. If we do not receive the ring size samples back, they will be charged at 15,- CHF per ring.

Important information about ring sizing:

  • Your fingers can change due to external influences such as heat and cold as well as fluid intake, time of day or pregnancy. This can result in your wedding rings fitting a little looser or tighter. Please take this into account when determining your ring sizes. We recommend that you test the ring sizes over one to two days. Experience shows that the ring fits you best when it goes on your finger with a little resistance and off your finger with a little more resistance.
For wedding rings with a ring size of 68 or more, we charge a surcharge for extra material and special effort during production

Basic ring price
(one ring without stone(s))
per width from 68
up to 400 CHF 25 CHF
401 to 600 CHF 30 CHF
601 to 800 CHF 40 CHF
801 to 1,200 CHF 50 CHF
from 1.201 CHF 70 CHF

The basic ring price/piece price always excludes stone setting.

Example calculation: Ring price = CHF 500.00 + ring size = 70, i.e. surcharge for special size = 3x CHF 30.00 = CHF 90.00, which will be added to the order total.

For rings from our jewellery programme, we charge a surcharge for widths 60 and above, which we will be happy to inform you of on request.
From an order value of 1000,-CHF we offer you a special service: We will make you an "unreal sample" of your configured silver wedding ring. This gives you an exact impression of the shape, division, width, height and approximate size of the ring. After trying it on in everyday life, our consultants can make adjustments. This is how you get your wedding rings in unique perfection at 123GOLD.

We offer several options to engrave your wedding rings.

  • Laser engraving inside the ring (standard font): Choose the font you want from our font template! Cost per ring: CHF 76,00.
  • Laser engraving inside the ring (individual): With this high-quality variant, you can have everything from your own handwriting to fancy characters and your own drawings as well as your own fingerprint laser engraved in the ring, we only need your template. Ask us, we will be happy to help you with this. Cost per ring: CHF 76,00.
  • Laser engraving on the outside of the ring or on the side of a ring edge: Here, too, we need your own template. Costs per ring: CHF 152.00.
  • For your jewellery and engagement rings, we offer laser engraving inside the ring. Cost per ring: CHF 152,00.

What you have engraved is of course entirely up to you. The classic:

  • Partner's name and
  • Wedding date.
Many couples have already surprised us with great ideas, let your imagination run wild...

We accept payment in advance by bank transfer and PayPal. You will receive our bank details by e-mail after placing your order. We will be happy to send you a payment slip on request.

Prepayment because at 123GOLD every wedding ring and piece of jewellery is made from scratch according to your specifications.

You pay according to the following scheme:

  • When ordering, you pay at least 50% of the order value.
  • As soon as the rings/jewellery are forwarded to production, you will receive a message from us. Then you transfer the rest.
  • As soon as we have received the payment, we will deliver your order.
Please note: The production of your ordered goods can only be commissioned when 50% of the order value has been credited to our account. The delivery of the ordered goods will only take place after receipt of payment of the complete order value.
We deliver the order as an insured shipment by Swiss Post. Delivery will be made Monday - Friday, against signature.

Shipping costs within Switzerland:

  • No shipping costs

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faq_text_9 = """We usually need 4-6 weeks to make and deliver your order, depending on the model you have chosen and the workload of our manufacturers.

If you would like a different deadline, we will be happy to organise express production and delivery and charge CHF 100 for this.

Please contact us.

  • Shipping costs will be charged from UPS depending on each order ‚ starting with 45‚− EUR

Shipping to Switzerland:

  • 65 Euro with customs clearance; The refund of German VAT will take place after obtaining the receipt for payment of the Swiss VAT.

Worldwide shipping:

  • Shipping costs must be requested - for this we need the full address.
For the production of your wedding rings we need 2 to 5 weeks, depending on which model you have chosen and depending on how requested our manufacturers are. In the order confirmation we will also communicate the advance delivery time. Normally, production is completed within 14 days of receiving the advance payment.

If we have to hurry: we will be happy to deliver your wedding rings or jewellery to you immediately. Please call us so we can arrange a quick order!
The warranty refers to the material quality and workmanship of the ring as well as the setting and quality of the diamonds. We use the usual procedures for material compression and refinement in the production of high-quality wedding rings.

Since wedding rings are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear through daily use, signs of wear and abrasion are unavoidable. You will notice wear marks on your rings from the first moment you wear them. These are excluded from the warranty. This also applies to damage caused by improper use or violence.

White gold is in most cases rhodium-plated to create the bright white shine. Abrasion can cause a slight yellowish grey discolouration. As an alternative, we offer grey gold, a white gold alloy with 15 - 20 % palladium content, where discolouration is impossible.

In the case of freely strung diamonds, we do not assume any guarantee for loss of the stones.

The ring size selected by you in the wedding ring or ring order is determined by you. Your fingers are subject to influences such as heat, cold, increase in fluids, time of day, weight gain, weight loss or the practice of certain sports (e.g. tennis, handball) and can change their circumference as a result. This can lead to inaccuracies when measuring the size. Please take this into account when determining the ring sizes!

Subsequent rhodium plating, matting or resizing of rings is subject to a charge.

Even more service

In addition to video consultation, we offer a variety of unique services

Starter package

Starter package

Start designing your wedding rings at home

Request for free
Ring size service

Ring size service

You will receive a selection of ring size samples to try on

Determine ring sizes
Individual sample rings

Individual sample rings

Order your wedding rings as a sample to try on

Discover sample rings

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